Friday, July 25, 2014

My Delivery Boy

My man is leaving with his improv group Delivery Boys for 3 months! Luckily, I'll at least get to see him once or twice during this summer but I'll definitely miss him. He's been a blessing in my life since I've met him & I'm excited for him to do big things on his road trip tour in the Western states!

Last day with my roomie!

This last day was a tough one. She was spending her summer on a TWO month mission trip in Africa and I would be here in CA working! It was emotional last day and we spent it finishing up TV shows and singing along to Veggietales pandora on our way to get M & M donuts! It was a great last night filled with lots of laughing - you know, the usual. We also decided to make use of the rose garden surrounding the sign at the OC fairgrounds at 2 in the morning. It was a great last night to a great semester spent in Catalina 420!